The Global Leadership Interlink assists Rift Valley

The Global Leadership Interlink assists Rift Valley

Newsletter-May-5Lysius Karimanzira is Group Finance Manager within Rift Valley and is one of the company's longest serving employees having joined in February 2007. He is also part of the Zimbabwe Core Leadership Team for Global Leadership Interlink (GLI) and is closely involved in the promotion of GLI activity within Zimbabwe. On his suggestion, a group of Rift Valley's young leaders in Harare have recently been introduced to valuesbased leadership training through the GLI, imbedding values and ethics within the context of corporate sustainability.

Global Leadership Interlink (GLI) is a Sector of Congress WBN, a unique, faith-based organization effecting individual, social and national transformation in more than 95 nations worldwide. It was founded in 2001 as a global network of thousands of professionals and students committed to transformation in society through the development of values-based leaders. GLI delivers insight into global, national and local situations by helping organisations, businesses and governments get to the heart of setting strong ethical foundations that can influence practical solutions to complex cultural and national problems.

GLI represents a response to a crisis of leadership that we face in many parts of the world today and describes its mission as follows: “In the midst of the crisis, we find a marked deficit of authentic values-based leadership. The leadership patterns of the past are neither sufficient nor capable of dealing with the complex arrangements of life in the global environment of the 21st century. There is need for a new and more relevant expression of governance capability in the earth at individual and corporate level.“ There is an open invitation to partner GLI in establishing a global community capable of demonstrating a new order of moral leadership and sustainable future.

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