Newsletter January 2017

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Rift Valley's long term vision for the preservation of Mozambique's natural forests takes root.

The last months have seen progress made in the development of RVF's flagship conservation project in Niassa, northern Mozambique. Read more

RVF's community beekeeping project begins to yield honey

A year since its inception, the beekeeping project has shown good potential for expansion as honey yields have begun to be harvested. Read more

A Memorandum of Understanding is signed with the Government of Mozambique

In order to further the ambitions of the LAGRI conservation project, it was necessary to have the project geography endorsed by government. A MOU has therefore been signed between Rift Valley and the Ministry of Land, Read more

Rift Valley undertakes a preliminary wildlife survey within one of LAGRI's wilderness zones

As the LAGRI project begins to develop, Rift Valley felt it necessary to gain a better understanding of human encroachment and remnant wildlife populations within its own (Florestas de Niassa) concession area, which includes the Namasago Wilderness Zone of LAGRI. Read more

Mozambique 'Has Taken Very Important Steps', Says IMF

[16.11.16] Mozambique has taken “very important steps” in recent weeks to deal with the “hidden debts” inherited from the previous government, the Deputy Director of the Africa Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), David Owen, told reporters in Maputo Read more

Northern Tobacco's AWIDE programme impacts the development of small businesses for women

NT has sponsored four women's groups across its Zimbabwe grower footprint to be trained and equipped by The African Women's Initiatives in Developing Economies (AWIDE), a group focusing on helping women farmers access markets for their produce. Read more

Employee Profile: Vincent Kucherera

24 year old Vincent, one of Rift Valley's financial analysts, has just graduated from the Harare Institute of Technology. We asked Vincent to tell us his story, which is an inspiring tale of courage and faith, despite hard circumstances… Read more

Northern Tobacco rolls out First Aid training

Northern Tobacco (NT) CSR facilitated First Aid training for a number of NT and Rift Valley staff in November. Expert training was provided by ACE Zimbabwe and 30 employees participated in the 3-day workshop held on NT premesis.Read more

We say Goodbye to Darren Lapp, Rift Valley's Head of Forestry

After close to three years with Rift Valley, we say goodbye to Darren, who has been responsible for overseeing the development of RVF green-field operations at Floresdas De Niassa, Mozambique and also the advance of Border Timbers in Zimbabwe. Read more

The Rift Valley Community Business School receives development assistance from Oxford graduates.

In October, we saw the arrival of two graduates from the Saïd Business School, Oxford, who volunteered to assist the development of one of Rift Valley's key flagship social projects, the Rift Valley Community Business School. Read more

A recent biodiversity study in Mozambique – Rift Valley assists a scientific expedition of discovery

If you thought the age of new species discovery was over, you'd be wrong. Find yourself in the right place at the right time and you can still encounter lean, weathered and khaki clad academics, nets in hand, traipsing wilderness or hacking through jungle with that same determined enthusiasm of explorers of old. Read more