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A new Chairman at Rift Valley

Thomas Höegh has become the new Chairman of Rift Valley Corporation, beginning in Thomas has been involved with the company extensively over the last 12 months and takes over the chair from Guy Lafferty. Read more

Developing innovation within the Company

In both January and March this year, an "Innovation Forum" was held at Rift Valley HQ, designed to encourage the young talent of Rift Valley to speak up and propose “new ways of doing what we do, new things we should do, Read more

Local school upgrade at Makandi Estates

Makandi Estates continues its successful supply of export grade Avocados to themarkets of Europe through South African based fruit trading specialists, Westfalia Fruit. Read more

RVC Group holds Strategy Workshop

Amidst the March quarterly Board meetings, an absorbing session involving Rift Valley's entire senior management was held, aiming to "enable the cross-fertilisation of ideas and collaboration between directors and management on key strategic issues".Read more

We say goodbye to Christian Westerlind Wigstrom

Having been with the Group for three years, Rift Valley says goodbye to Dr Christian Westerlind Wigstrom, who leaves with his wife Angela for her native home Australia. Read more

The Global Leadership Interlink assists Rift Valley

Lysius Karimanzira is Group Finance Manager within Rift Valley and is one of the company's longest serving employees having joined in February 2007. Read more

Employee development at Rift Valley

Over the last four months, an exciting new training initiative has begun at the Rift Valley headquarters in Harare. Designed to broaden the experience of working for Rift Valley, Read more

Croc free irrigation? Another day on the farm in Africa

When one stumbles across a crocodile at night, it invariably appears far bigger and scarier than it is in the cold light of day. But instinct is a good thing and running from sharp-toothed predators, rather than taking time to take their measurements, Read more

Head office health checks

As part of Rift Valley Wellness, an initiative Abegun by Northern Tobacco in 2007, our in Harare enjoys annual health checks for its office and factory staff. Read more

Farewell to our Group Head of HR

After four years with Rift Valley, we say Agoodbye to Joshua Nyoka who has led our Group. Read more

Africa restoring 100 million hectares of deforested and degraded land by 2030

AFR100 is the African Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative, an effort led by ten countries to bring 100 million hectares of land in Africa into restoration by 2030. Read more

What the Media don't tell you: Despite the negativity, the Southern African economy grew In 2015

Africa's economic growth declined in 2015, as did the global economy at large, but despite all the negative publicity focused on the slowing economy, the Southern African region actually grew its economy during the year, Read more

Africa had record levels of private equity exits in 2015

African private equity firms cashed in on investments last year at the highest rate in almost a decade, with South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria and Kenya accounting for two-thirds of these exits. Read more

Tanzania's new President, John Magufuli, brings a fresh sense of purpose to East Africa's geopolitics.

When John Magufuli took office as President on November 5th, 2015 he wasted no time in getting to work and coming good on his campaign promises Read more

Mozambique Island

Visitors to Rift Valley's banana producing operation in Northern Mozambique might have been fortunate enough to stop over at nearby Ilha da Mozambique, just an hour and a half's drive away. Read more