Education & Skills Development

We understand the importance of improving skills development within communities as a fundamental component to improving the prospects of employees and growers alike. To this end, a combination of farmer training, skills development (especially within green-field operations where skills remain scarce) and the support of schools within farms and estates have been our traditional focus.

Bursaries are awarded to successful applicants of the RVC Management Training Scheme, which offers funding for tertiary education in both Zimbabwe and the UK. RVC has assisted two applicants who are currently at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, whilst several students in Zimbabwe have received support to complete accountancy qualifications or have had university or Agricultural College fees paid. In addition, 2015 saw RVC facilitate the award of full sponsorship to 12 young farmers to attend Blackfordby College of Agriculture in Zimbabwe, funded through the Zimbabwe Benefit Fund. Our small-scale out-growers have long been the recipients of extensive training and education to improve productivity. To strengthen our impact, goals for the future include the stimulation of entrepreneurship within communities and the introduction of appropriate technology to the classroom. We look towards the introduction of these innovative projects to inject new stimuli into schools and societies.

Our current commitment improves the livelihood prospects of many. Even so, we must look more closely at where resources are being spent and review current results of our expenditure. We are aware that although we have identified the development of skills and entrepreneurship as a key goal within our 2020 development strategy, the real challenge will be the design and implementation of these new innovative initiatives that can catalyse change and motivate entrepreneurship.