Certification & Standards

RVC prioritizes adherence to international standards where possible. Certification, not only helps us in the marketplace, but also provides the discipline to maintain optimal standards of operation. In addition it brings with it a range of secondary benefits, such as endorsing sustainability credentials and generating additional revenues for our labour and their communities. We therefore continue to develop our capacity for certification within a number of businesses and have made progress this year, especially with the increase in number of small-scale tea growers registered for Rainforest Alliance (RA) certification. Indeed, the Tea platform remains the best in class in terms of certification, with all of our estates certified by Fairtrade, The Ethical Tea Partnership and RA. Makandi Estates' avocado and macadamia production follows with certification from Global Gap, Tesco and Sedex.

Real benefits to our employees and communities as a result of certification are best illustrated in terms of our tea platform performance. Fairtrade continues to deliver consistent benefit to our Estate stakeholders as a result of increased income through premium sales prices (see below), whilst our new initiative to include small-scale growers in certified tea markets gains momentum. To date, a total of 2,699 small-scale tea growers are now registered under Rainforest Alliance and our first Fairtrade small-scale tea will be certified in 2016.



All Rift Valley Tea Estates are certified.

Total FAIRTRADE income expensed within the Tea Estate communities over the last five years is over $1m 
Income is largely spent on Healthcare – clinic construction/improvements Schools – construction and school fee subsidy Local Infrastructure – boreholes, community halls etc.

Makandi Estates Avocado and Macadamia production is certified. Avocados are exported to Tesco UK.