The integration of ‘Sustainability’ into core corporate policy has made key advances this year, reflected foremost in the formation of the RVC Sustainability Committee. The Committee is a forum to allow thedevelopment, approval, implementation and review of our sustainability strategy. This strategy centres on the principle of applying further purpose to our business rationale, improving those social and environmental contributions we already make to create the most meaningful impact possible - impact that in turn plays a role in the macro development of Africa's socio-economic prosperity.

Playing to our strengths, we will also continue to tap the innovative streak that is fundamental to our DNA; stepping out towards more ambitious targets that reach beyond CSR to effect wider and more extensive objectives. Challenging projects that impact conservation of habitat on a landscape scale or the formation of a regional multistakeholder forum to address sustainable land use are just such initiatives that are currently underway, led by RVC. With this in mind, we have developed a strategy that will enable us to reach a set of measurable targets over the next five years. We see these objectives as ambitious but
attainable and ultimately a fulfilment of our stated vision: “To generate meaningful social and environmental gains throughout our business footprint”

RVC's enviromental & social management structure


RVC's growing sustainability agenda


Our goals for 2020